Management & maintenance

Upkeep lof civil and industrial buildings.

Building and upkeep of civil and industrial buildings.

- Energy revamping system
- Construction and upkeep of heating systems.
- Construction and upkeep of air conditioning systems.
- Construction and upkeep of sanitary systems.
- Restoration of civil and industrial buildings.
- Construction and upkeep of gas plants.
- Construction and upkeep of fire systems.
- Construction and upkeep of electrical systems
- Construction and upkeep of special systems (telephone, braodcasting, wireless)
- Civil and industrial cleaning
- Planning 

Integrated Management (IMS)

Ours Integrated Management Systems (IMS)

Safety management, quality management, environmental management, building management and mechanical system management.

Understanding where information overlaps exist and creating an integrated management system can help an organisation to achieve more efficient and effective outputs.

Scheduled maintenance

The maintenance schedule is the first result to be achieved to ensure then a reduction in consumption.

We need to invest the proper time and the right resources.

On the side you can see a typical maintenance scheduling.

Preventive maintenance

We have developped a complete preventive maintenance program to protect its own significant assets.

Ours clients get the benefit today from the program in four cardinal points:
- no premature capital expenses
- optimal energy management
- reduction of failure and demages
- minimal unplanned shutdowns.


Cleaning & Sanitization

Cleaning and sanitizing are the most important aspects of a sanitation program.
Detailed procedures must be developed for all system components.
- filters of AHU system (replacement & cleaning)
- filters of heating/cooling systems
- air diffusion systems
- filters of bathroom tap&mixer
- refrigeration units and heating
- ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems
- equipment
- utensils
- walls
- ceilings
- lighting devices

Cleanings frequency and type of cleaning must be clearly defined for each process.

The objective of cleaning and sanitizing is to remove the bacteria that are present.

Cleaning & sanitizing procedures must be evaluated through monitored inspection procedures (inspection, swab testing,etc..) and maintained records to evaluate long-term compliance.